Combined diffusion approximation - simulation model of AQM’s transient behaviour

TytułCombined diffusion approximation - simulation model of AQM’s transient behaviour
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2021
AutorzyMarek D, Domański A, Domańska J, Czachórski T, Klamka J, Szyguła J
JournalComputer Communications
Start Page40-48
Date Published01/2021
Słowa kluczoweAQM, Congestion control, Diffusion Approximation, Dropping packets, Fractional Calculus, Non-integer order controller, queueing model

The article introduces an approach combining diffusion approximation and simulation ones. Furthermore, it describes how it can be used to evaluate active queue management (AQM) mechanisms. Based on the obtained queue distributions, the simulation part of the model decides on package losses and modifies the flow intensity sent by the transmitter. The diffusion is used to estimate queue distributions and the goal of the simulation part of the model is to represent the AQM mechanism. On the one hand, the use of the diffusion part considerably accelerates the performance of the whole model. On the other hand, the simulation increases the accuracy of the diffusion part. We apply the model to compare the performance of fractional order PIη controller used in AQM with the performance of RED, a well known active queue management mechanism.


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