Auction-Based Data Transaction in Mobile Networks: Data Allocation Design and Performance Analysis

TytułAuction-Based Data Transaction in Mobile Networks: Data Allocation Design and Performance Analysis
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2020
AutorzyDu J, Gelenbe E, Jiang C, Han Z, Ren Y
JournalIEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
Start Page1040
Date Published05/2020
Słowa kluczoweAnalytical models, Base stations, Data models, Mobile computing, Resource management, Smart phones, Wireless fidelity

Mobile data traffic is experiencing unprecedented increases due to the proliferation of highly capable smartphones, laptops and tablets, and mobile data offloading can be used to move traffic from cellular networks to other wireless infrastructures such as small-cell base stations. This work addresses the related issue of data allocation, by proposing a novel infrastructure independent method based on the hotspot function of smartphones. In the proposed scheme, smartphones transfer data allowances among mobile users, so that users with excess data allowances act as accessible Wi-Fi hotspots, selling their data allowance to other users who need extra data allowances. To achieve this objective, we propose to use auctions with single and multiple data sellers. Efficient schemes based on auction models are discussed to sell the data allowances over successive days in a month, and over different time slots during a single day. Overall system performance is considered based on the behavior of mobile users, such as changing demands for the sale or purchase of data allowances. Together with the analytical results presented, our simulation experiments also indicate that knowledge of user behavior can significantly improve the performance of data allowance transactions, leading to highly efficient allocations among users.


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