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Kuaban GSuila, Soodan BSingh, Kumar R, Czekalski P.  2022.  Analysis of the Performance of a Cloud Computing Processing Queue with Correlated Reneging of Tasks and Resubmission. 2021 International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Energy Technologies (ICECET).  (479.06 KB)
Kumar R, Soodan BSingh, Kuaban GSuila, Czekalski P, Sharma S.  2021.  Performance Analysis of a Cloud Computing System using Queuing Model with Correlated Task Reneging. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, presented in 5th International Scientific Conference on Information, Control, and Communication Technologies (ICCT-2021) 4-7 October 2021, Astrakhan, Russian Federation. 2091 (012003) (808.73 KB)
Kuaban GSuila, Atmaca T, Kamli A, Czachórski T, Czekalski P.  2021.  Performance Analysis of Packet Aggregation Mechanisms and Their Applications in Access (e.g., IoT, 4G/5G), Core, and Data Centre Networks. Sensors. 21(3898) (1.75 MB)
Sell R, Kalm T, Malayjerdi M, Sell I, Nikitenko A, Ziravedska A, Berkolds K, Vitols K, Czekalski P, Tokarz K et al..  2021.  Unmanned Electrical Vehicles and Autonomous system Simulation.