Transparency and enhancement in fast and slow light in q-deformed optomechanical system

TitleTransparency and enhancement in fast and slow light in q-deformed optomechanical system
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsKundu A, Miszczak J
JournalAnnalen der Physik
Start Page2200026
Date Published06/2022

Nonclassical phenomena can be enhanced by introducing q-deformation in optomechanical systems. This motivated us to investigate the optical response in a q-deformed linearly coupled optomechanical system. The system consists of two deformed cavities that are linearly coupled to the motion of mechanical mirrors, and the cavities are coupled to each other by transmission strength parameter. Our study shows that compared to non-deformed cases, the deformed system exhibits more rapid phase transition at the positions of transparency windows, causing stronger and enhanced fast and slow light phenomena. Moreover, in the region 0<q<0.5, the optomechanical system results in gain. Moreover for a fixed deformation of cavities, by tuning the tunnelling strength and optomechanical coupling, one can observe a delay and advancement in probe filed in the order of \textit{milliseconds} and even above milliseconds for fine-tuning of the coupling parameters. Finally, the bridge between mathematical and physical models is built by assuming the deformation to be a primitive root of unity, indicating a class of \textit{anyon} models. Our results demonstrate that q-deformation provides a novel method for manipulating and significantly enhancing optical phenomena not only in arbitrarily deformed optomechanical systems but also in anyon models.


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