System for facial tissue reconstruction based on dowel method

TitleSystem for facial tissue reconstruction based on dowel method
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsWieckowska K., Tomaka A A, Winiarczyk R
EditorPiętka E., Łęski J., Franiel S.
Conference NameMedical Informatics & Technology
Date Published09
AbstractThe paper presents the ideas of a system of soft tissue reconstruction which uses the method of dowels. The list of functionalities which should be included into such a system is described. The system enables the user to edit the thickness of dowels and their directions, which results in building an editable model of the surface of the skin. The set of dowels called the “Rhine configuration” [1,2] is used by default , but there is a possibility to make new statistics for the population being analysed. Further processing is required and the paper shows the ideas of an algorithm of surface splitting taking into consideration the curvature of the skull or, for example, the use of morphing techniques.

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