Quantum network exploration with a faulty sense of direction

TitleQuantum network exploration with a faulty sense of direction
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMiszczak J, Sadowski P
JournalQuantum Information & Computation
AbstractWe develop a model which can be used to analyse the scenario of exploring quantum network with a distracted sense of direction. Using this model we analyse the behaviour of quantum mobile agents operating with non-adaptive and adaptive strategies which can be employed in this scenario. We introduce the notion of node visiting suitable for analysing quantum superpositions of states by distinguishing between visiting and attaining a position. We show that without a proper model of adaptiveness, it is not possible for the party representing the distraction in the sense of direction, to obtain the results analogous to the classical case. Moreover, with additional control resources the total number of attained positions is maintained if the number of visited positions is strictly limited.

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