Optical response of a dual membrane active–passive optomechanical cavity

TitleOptical response of a dual membrane active–passive optomechanical cavity
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsKundu A, Jin C, Peng J-X
JournalAnnals of Physics
KeywordsActive–passive cavity, Fast and slow light, Keldysh framework, OMIT, Quadratic optomechanical coupling

We investigate a dual membrane active–passive cavity where each mechanical membrane individually quadratically coupled to passive and active cavities via two-phonon process. Due to the fact that in the quadratically coupled optomechanical system mean-field approximation fails, hence to analyze the system completely, we switch to a more generalized out of equilibrium approach, namely Keldysh Green’s functional approach. We calculate transmission rate using predetermined full retarded Green’s function, and then numerically examine the effect of the various parameters on the transmission coefficient and discuss the features and physical mechanism behind them in detail. On the basis of the optical responsivity we further extend our study to fast and slow light phenomenon. The results show that our proposed system can not only realize ultra-fast/ultra-slow light under proper choice of cavity parameters but also a realization of the conversion between fast and slow light and vice versa has also been pointed out.



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