Cognitive Packet Networks for the Secure Internet of Things

TitleCognitive Packet Networks for the Secure Internet of Things
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2019
AuthorsNowak S, Nowak M, Domańska J, Czachórski T
Conference NameGlobal Internet of Things Summit (GIoTS)
Date Published06/2019
Conference LocationAarhus, Denmark
KeywordsCognitive Packet Network, Energy, Internet of Things (IoT), Random Neural Networks, SDN, security, SerIoT

he concept of Security Aware Routing is not widely adopted in current networks. However, the new IoT- centric core networks give possibilities to re-open that field of research. We consider routing to be an addition to existing network security methods, especially in IoT domain. Security-aware routing incorporates the security and safety metrics to the traditional set of metrics (bandwidth, network delay, hop count, path cost, load etc.). The paper shows a new approach in which, based on the Software Defined Networks (SDN) we estimate trust relationships between nodes and flows and use them to create SDN paths, based on the Cognitive Packet Network (CPN) principle. The Random Neural Networks (RNN) supported with cognitive packets are used for making routing decisions. The proposed solution was designed and is being implemented within the SerIoT project to demonstrate secure networks for the Internet of Things (IoT).