Active Queue Management with non-linear packets dropping function

TitleActive Queue Management with non-linear packets dropping function
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsAugustyn D.R, Domański A, Domańska J
EditorCzachórski T
Conference NamePerformance Modelling and Evaluation of Heterogeneous Networks Proceedings of 6th Working International Conference
Date Published1
PublisherInstitute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Conference LocationGliwice, Bałtycka 5
AbstractAbstract: Algorithms of queue management in IP routers determine which packet should be deleted when necessary. The article investigates the influence of packet rejection probability function on the performance, i.e. response time for in case of RED and nRED queues. In particular, the self-similar traffic is considered. The quantitative analysis based on simulations is shown.