Seminar: Entropy/IP - Uncovering Structure in IPv6 Addresses


Paweł Foremski


09/11/2016 - 12:00

We introduce Entropy/IP: a system that discovers Internet address structure based on analyses of a subset of IPv6 addresses known to be active, i.e., training data, gleaned by readily available passive and active means. The system is completely automated and employs a combination of information-theoretic and machine learning techniques to probabilistically model IPv6 addresses. We present results showing that our system is effective in exposing structural characteristics of portions of the IPv6 Internet address space populated by active client, service, and router addresses. In addition to visualizing the address structure for exploration, the system uses its models to generate candidate target addresses for scanning. Paper will be presented at the ACM Internet Measurement Conference in Santa Monica (14-16 November 2016). More information:

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