1. iitis-generator-conf(5)
  2. iitis-generator-conf(5)


iitis-generator-conf - config file of iitis-generator




iitis-generator(1) is a tool for distributed, statistical evaluation of wireless networks. Each network node that takes part in an evaluation experiment runs the iitis-generator program. This manual page documents its configuration file, generator.conf.


The file uses the JSON format and can accept a simplified syntax, easier to read and write by a human operator. It might be observed on the example below.

# write statistics each 3 seconds
stats = 3

# commit disk writes each 10 seconds (if NFS, sends data to the server)
sync = 10

# on nodes 1-3 and 8
"1-3,8" = {
    # dump raw frames in a pcap format
    dump = "yes"

Notice the following differences vs. JSON:

It is recommended that all network nodes use the same configuration file. In such situation, the variables put in the root level (ie. those not surrounded by curly brackets) will be interpreted and used by all nodes.

However, variables put in a hash (curly braces) will be used only if the key name includes the ID of the node interpreting the configuration file. Syntax of such a key name lets for specifying just a single node (e.g. "1"), a range of nodes (e.g. "1-3"), a list of nodes (e.g. "1,2,3") and a combination (e.g. "1-3,8" means nodes 1, 2, 3 and 8). For instance, in the example above, if the node ID is 2, the iitis-generator will dump raw frames to disk. Hashes can be nested.


Following options can be configured:

iitis-generator was written by Pawel Foremski pjf@iitis.pl. Copyright (C) 2011 IITiS PAN Gliwice http://www.iitis.pl/.


iitis-generator(1), iitis-generator-output(5), iitis-generator-traffic(5), IITiS WiFi lab

  1. IITiS PAN Gliwice
  2. August 2011
  3. iitis-generator-conf(5)