RandFile is a package for Mathematica computer algebra system which allows the exploitation of local files as sources of random data. RandFile allows to (re)use random data obtained from different sources and stored in a file.
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28/08/2015 New! Improved version of the package (0.1.3) has been released. This version includes an improved management of the binary data.
17/03/2015 Improved version of the package (0.0.19) has been released. The updated version of the manuscript is available at arXiv:1302.2738v2.
26/02/2013 Notebooks and data files for usage examples described in arXiv:1302.2738.
12/02/2013 Preprint describing RandFile package at arXiv:1302.2738.
25/01/2013 New version of the package (v. 0.0.17) with an improved documentation.
24/01/2013 Initial release of the package (v. 0.0.16).


The latest version of the package is: 0.1.3 (28/08/2015)


In order to use the package, copy the downloaded file to .Mathematica/.Applications directory in your home directory and rename it to RandFile.m.


Usage strings: RandFile_Messages.nb (10KB), RandFile_Messages.pdf (803KB).


Usage examples including sample random files: RandFile_Examples.tgz (15MB). Tested with version 0.0.17 of the package.

Note: random data required by some programmes can be downloaded from sources listed below.

random data:

The package can be tested using sample true random data provided below.

If you need more random data I suggest to use QRNG service developed by PicoQuant GmbH and the Nano-Optics groups at the Department of Physics of Humboldt University.

older versions:


This project was supported by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education under the grant number IP2011 036371 and by the Polish National Science Centre under the grant number UMO-2011/03/D/ST6/00413.

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